Tuesday, September 15, 2015

grading popular teenage clothing brands based on how eco-friendly they are!

American Apparel: one of the most eco-friendly, popular fashion brands out there, American Apparel has a section on their website that sells clothing made from 100% organic cotton. They also try to be as efficient as possible. "We try to minimize the gaps between pattern pieces when cutting our garments. We rank styles by efficiency. For really inefficient styles, we find complementary styles that, when cut together, drastically reduce the amount of waste generated," they wrote on their website. Also, they power their factories using solar panels, and have a bike program for their employees.
Eco-Rating: A+

Brandy Melville: i've read from multiple sources that the brand makes eco-friendly clothing. I'm not exactly sure what this means (organic cotton, or recycled materials?); also, since most of their clothing is one size fits all, the amount of energy expended on manufacturing the products is much less than other stores.
Eco-Rating: B-

Charlotte Russe: no eco-friendly/sustainable practices. i hate the clothes anyway. so trashy and cheap-looking. (see Forever 21)
Eco-Rating: F

Forever 21: honestly, please stop buying stuff at this store. Forever 21, along with other fast fashion brands such as Charlotte Russe, are basically just stores that want you to pay a cheap price for a crappy, poorly made piece of clothing that will get a whole in it after two washes. It's just not worth your time or your money to shop at this store. Not to mention the fact that these clothes, made in pollution-causing factories by high school age kids who are paid minimum wage, are absolutely terrible for the environment. it's a much smarter move to pay a little more money for quality clothing (from the brands that get an A+ eco-rating) and have it last longer.
Eco-Rating: F

American Eagle: no eco-friendly items. However, it donates all it's damaged clothes to charity.
Eco-Rating: C-

H&M: #1 user of organic cotton worldwide. Also has a "Conscious Collection" which is eco-friendly. I'm not really sure what this is: if all their clothes are conscious or if it's a specific collection that is. "21.2% of our cotton is either certified organic, recycled or grown under the Better Cotton Initiative. Our goal is 100% by 2020 at the latest," they wrote on their About page. They label their eco-friendly clothing items with a flower pattern. 
Eco-Rating: A

Urban Outfitters: UO has a popular brand called Urban Renewal which sells eco-friendly clothing, which could be vintage or deadstock. 
Eco-Rating: B

Uniqlo: Uniqlo made a commitment in 2013 to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from their production process by 2020. I'll keep updating you guys on that. 
Eco-Rating: A

Victoria's Secret: they have reduced energy and paper use; however, they don't have any eco-friendly items. They have also been accused of using cruel sweatshops with very tough conditions for the laborers. The laborers are paid about 4 cents for every $15. Think about that next time you want to buy a $40 bra. 
Eco-Rating: D-

Friday, September 11, 2015

i was just at my new school's freshmen camping trip for the last 3 days (2 nights). and, well, there was no service there! anywhere! what a nightmare.

but being in the woods was very peaceful. i really love forests, i love them much more than the beach, because i feel like they are so much more serene, and you can feel alone yet surrounded by living creatures at the same time. so it was night to spend a lot of my time outside, and being able to hear the sounds of nature- crickets, owls- at night, as opposed to sounds of cars, airplanes, and people talking. so that was good.

however, the food here was unfortunately terrible. and even worse for people who ate meat. the first dinner we had some sort of horrible steak. the vegetarian option was fake meat, which i decided not to eat. I might try it another time, but I had already lost my appetite enough that day. 

next day's lunch was fried fish. a bunch of people who ate it got sick, so I'm glad I stuck with the sweet potato fries. other than the food, though, I had a pretty great time. 

keep recycling,

Monday, September 7, 2015

New Foods #1: Veggie Burgers

so I don't know if y'all know, but I became a vegetarian about a week ago and I guess it would be cool for me to document my experiences. i've had no problem not eating meat, because 1) i never really liked meat in the first place, and 2) i feel disgusted whenever i look at it because of the reasons that made me become vegetarian in the first place (and i'll do a blog post about that later).

anyway, today we had a labor day barbecue (happy labor day!!) which meant a lot of... barbecue. and meat. and i decided this would be a good time to try out veggie burgers!

i went to trader joe's a couple days ago and got this:

"Quinoa Cowboy
Veggie Burgers
with black beans & roasted corn"

so that's what i ate today. for all those people planning on becoming vegetarian, here's what i'll tell you:
1. veggie burgers... don't really taste like meat. so don't have false expectations.
2. they also (at least this brand) tend to be extremely crumbly, so it's pretty impossible to eat it with a fork.
3. also, it was pretty spicy.
4. they taste a lot like quinoa.
5. it was honestly pretty yummy! i really enjoyed it. it's also good for you:
important numbers:
serving size: 1 burger
calories: 180
sugars: 2 grams 
protein: 5 grams

also, there are no bad ingredients like corn syrup. all organic!

all in all, i enjoyed my first veggie burger experience! i'll tell you all about new foods i try :-)

keep recycling, 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

so you know how I said I had a lot of new ideas for this blog? well, the first one is to incorporate/merge my youtube channel and my blog. that way, I'll get more recognition on both my youtube and on here. on my channel I'm going to be posting mostly DIY's, and videos on how to reuse. i'm pretty excited and i have a lot of ideas for it!  and, well, here's my most recent video (which is from today):

please watch it, like, and subscribe to my channel! it would mean a lot :-)

i'll post soon! 

keep recycling, 
Hi all,
it's been a while, I guess. actually, who am I kidding, it's been a pretty long time. so I'm sorry about that. I'm not going to make excuses because I don't really have any to give off the top of my head. I just haven't thought about the blog very much and instead I've focused on other things, and now I feel like I've neglected this blog. 

also, I think I've been neglectful, period. I haven't thought about the environment and recycling and climate changed nearly as much as I used to. I've shoved it into the back of my mind because I've been kind of scared to address it. the entire last year, my 8th grade year, I've only been occasionally and half heartedly writing on the blog, or telling people in my class (and myself) to make small changes in their lifestyle to conserve water, save energy, etc. 

I do think there is a reason for this. my passion for being an environmental activist peaked in 6th grade. at that time, I would always be turning off lights if they were open, closing faucets if they weren't being used, constantly researching news about the environment; I would pick up trash that I saw in the road (I still do this, actually), and I would explain frequently to almost everyone the scientific reason why and how global warming occurs and what we can do about it before it's too late. 

but all my classmates just knew me as the girl who was obsessed with turning off the lights. 

they didn't really care why I did it, why it was so important to me to do those things, or why it gave me so much guilt if I saw a faucet dripping and didn't close it. 

they thought it was funny. 

and at some point, I don't really know. I guess I started changing. I would still do many of those things, but I'd do it in a funny way, like "haha yeah, there I go closing the light again, isn't that so cute and quirky?" and then, I gradually just... gave up, I guess. since 6th grade I had urged the staff at my school to have an annual earth day celebration, and in 8th grade I said nothing. not only that, I tried to pretend to completely ignore Earth Day, as though April 22nd meant absolutely nothing to me. but it did, and so did everything else. but I think I just hid those feelings because I wasn't taken seriously, and I felt that however much I tried, I couldn't make a difference and that I might as well just give up and focus on other things, like how to be like everyone else so people wouldn't think I was a weird nerd-type earth-obsessed person. and all that fitting in (or trying to, really) just ended up with me becoming kind of... depressed. and sad. and... other negative synonyms. 

it's now September, and it's been more than 3 months since school ended and I haven't seen many of my classmates, many of the people who unknowingly hurt my self esteem by making fun of me enough that I almost threw away a unique part of me. so I guess I've had enough time to think about it. in a couple days I'm going to start a new school and I'm hoping to start over. I'm hoping to meet people who care about my opinions and my thoughts and don't just think I'm strange. when I think back on my passion for the environment in 6th grade, I see a 11-year-old bubbling with enthusiasm, a passion for nature and full of ideas for ways to change the world. 

but in 2 years the world changed that girl. 

I want to regain all of my enthusiasm and hope I had. I want to find people who support me and my ideas, and stay away from people who keep me down. and maybe doing that will make people intimidated or weirded out because I think about different things than most other people(gasp! independent thought!). but I'm going to do the things that make me happy and follow the things I'm passionate about and make a positive difference in the world. 

I think I'm rambling. 

ok. to sum up:
I love writing,
and my passion is nature and the environment,
and my hope is to contribute to ending climate change and to make people more thankful for the  world they live in,
and this blog is the perfect way to combine both of those things!
and I don't really care if people will judge me for following my passions, my hopes, and my dreams: those people don't matter,
because there are always so many people who won't do that, who will support you and stand by you and help you,
you just have to believe in yourself and stay strong until then. Focus on what is important to you, what you're passionate about, and you will be happy. 

...aaaand that rant ended like a monologue from a Disney movie. 

but I had to get that off my chest. I hope that this helped some of you who're going through/went through the same things as me. the world will always try to change you and to take away the parts of you that make you you, but you can fight back and change the world. 

i've got a lot of ideas for new things to do on the blog! expect frequent posts from me from now on. 

keep recycling,