Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hi guys, and happy holidays!
I just created a new Youtube channel and uploaded my first video there! I'm really excited to work on this channel, because I have a theme and a focus and I think that this channel can open up a lot of opportunities for me. Press on this word --> link <-- to watch my newest video, and please like it and subscribe! Bye for now!

- Yasemin

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Buzzfeed Article

Hi! Today I found this Buzzfeed article about how people are doing really drastic things to deal with rising seawater and climate change. Here is the link: I was especially interested in the agro-forestry thing that was happening in Montpellier, France. The idea is to plant trees and crops in the same place; apparently this helps grow better crops as well as reduce drought.

Friday, November 27, 2015

So today I read a couple of articles about how bad artificial sugars are for your body (I'll link them below). Some doctors are apparently even arguing that sugar is a "drug" that should be regulated just like cocaine. All this information, coupled with the fact that I have gorged on tons of sugary stuff in the past three days, has made me think about sugar and health and all of that stuff. I have noticed that artificial sugars really do affect me in a bad way. For example, if I eat something sweet first thing in the morning, I usually feel like crap for at least a couple hours after that. Also, the past couple of days I have found myself standing in front of a pecan pie or something with a spoon in my hand- and I literally don't know when I stood up and walked there, that's how strong my instinct is to consume sugar. It's scary to think that I might actually be addicted to something that is potentially just as dangerous and unhealthy as weed or cocaine - and I wouldn't even know that I was addicted, because sugar isn't considered a drug.
I read two stories about people who decided to completely quit eating any kind of sugar. The first woman quit for 4 weeks and she noticed a significant boost in energy, and had less pimples, as well as losing 4 pounds. The second story I read was about an entire family who quit sugar for a whole year and would only have a sugary treat once a month. As the year progressed, they noticed that they would crave the treat less and less, and by the end of the year they could barely eat it because of how sensitive their palates had now become. They also felt more energetic and got sick less.
I've decided to do a little experiment for myself to see how going without sugar will make me feel. Starting tomorrow, Saturday, November 28, I am not going to eat any foods with artificial sugars in them, until Monday, December 28. Any food that has "sugar" in it's top 3 ingredients will be considered sweet. I'm probably going to record how I feel each day here, especially the first week because apparently people literally go into withdrawal when not eating sugar. I think it will be interesting to test my determination as well as how good I will feel after quitting sugar. Also, I made the decision to go completely cold turkey, instead of slowly eating less and less sugar everyday. I did this because whenever I try to limit my sugar intake, I always end up eating way more than I would've if I hadn't tried to limit myself in the first place.
So here goes.
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So since I've decided to buy anything I need from organic/sustainable companies, on Sunday when I went to Whole Foods (my favorite store) I decided to buy some toothpaste and mouthwash - good quality, organic products. Here is what I got:


So I got this mouthwash from the brand "Desert Essences". It was about $6 or so. For people like me who've been using Crest mouthwash their whole lives, the taste of this may come as a surprise. It is NOT sweet and not nearly as minty as those artificial mouthwashes are.

So I also got this toothpaste, which I really really like. I got the cinnamon taste and it does not taste strong like normal toothpastes- I actually put a lot of it on my toothbrush whenever I brush my teeth. I highly recommend it, it leaves my mouth feeling extremely clean and actually kind of numb. The ingredients in it are water, redmond clay (food grade), xylitol, cinnamon essential oil, salt, and diluted tea tree oil. So I can pronounce everything and I know whats in it. I completely recommend this!

Saturday, November 21, 2015


It's called TenTree and for every clothing item that is sold, the company plants ten trees in different countries such as Madagascar, Canada, and Cambodia! All the clothes are recycled and/or sustainable and affordable, and when you receive your clothes you get a code that tells you where your ten trees will be planted! I love this so much!!!